Monday, 24 February 2014

Hic! I get it now!

Back from a few days in Memramcook, New Brunswick. Spent some time with a friend and discovered it is really a laid back place. Nothing gets under the skin of anyone. They really live in the moment. So nice.

It snowed and the schools shut down twice. Eighteen inches of snow in a one and a half hours. I Facebooked that one. There was no wind or anything telling us it was snowing hard at five in the morning.

The local corner store isn't just a convenience store it is also your lottery agent and liquor store. Discovered a really nice peach liquor that has nothing to do with schnapps. Yeah I think I will fit in there quite easily.

The next town will be about a twenty to thirty minute drive away. Of course each town out fitted with at least a basic liquor store. There is always a smile and helpful hand where ever you go. For once maybe my helpful hand won't be glared at like it was hell born and full of strings.

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