Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Loaner.

So today was the day I bring in my car to get some body work done from the rear ending I had just before Christmas.

I got a loaner. Ew.

1. It's a 2014 Mazda 3. Ew. Last car to be loaned out. No choice
2. It's white double ew. Since I bought my car I have noticed the majority of white car owners are douch bags. Especially the "Magoo" on my street denting my right rear end leaving white streaks every time in the same spot.

Not five minutes into the drive I was crying for my little "put-put" for it smelled like fart and was not buxum friendly.

Oh yeah it has no key.

The guy says it is really easy to start just hold the gas peddle and hit the start button. Next thing I know I am in the Angrignon parking lot looking up the owners manual only to find out fifteen minutes later that its is the brake that you push and press the start button. Um not embarrassing at all watching people watch you get frustrated at starting a car.


Parallel parking? Won't go there, oh no not there.

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