Saturday, 22 March 2014

The light is upon us!

Yup talking about spring. Where the light grows longer and sounds of the time ring in my ears. Happy sunshine, fresh skies, puddles where ever you go and ugh of course more white fluff dropping from the sky. Apparently that doesn't stop around here. I heard of places where it doesn't drop at all but I can't believe that. It would make everything I believed as a kid so wrong.

Bears and squirrels sleeping away the winter to come back renewed. What would they do without any snow? Poor things would be so lost and probably very tired not knowing when to sleep.

Oh and Santa Clause couldn't sneak up on me!  All those cookies and milk on his belt he would definitely be clomping across my roof! That would have been all cool, me holding the cookies and milk hostage for all that was in his bag when I was a kid.

Going down a hill on a toboggan and no snow would look a little weird. Not to mention skiers and snowboarders. There is nothing like exercising out in the fresh crisp air.

I guess I will just have to take it a little longer and hope Sylvie is having a blast skiing. I still will be looking out for the crocuses that should be coming through the snow about now.

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