Saturday, 3 May 2014

Never Easy

I'm just gonna have my cake and eat it. Next best thing to moving out of here is getting the mother-in-law to move away. Yay for no more M-i-L as my neighbour.

I tell a friend just wait till May 24th when I can truly have a chunk of happiness. No more bitch watching over everything we do. From watching what we bring home from shopping to sneezing and hearing "bless you!" through the wall.

Yeah you figured it out we are not moving and what happened? A mix of sabotage form MiL to my finally getting to say a word to her without my hubby butting in and telling me "Don't say a word I will take care of her." 15 years of taking care of her had done nothing. One sentence out of my mouth and all the stupidity that woman comes up with had disappeared.

There you go women, one for the daughter in-laws everywhere!

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