Saturday, 10 May 2014

So many stories,

So little patience to take out paper and pen to write them all down. Little old confused people make great inspiration and or spook the hell out of you. Just the other night I was called a "Nazi" and coworkers collectively "murderers!" Apparently little old German people will call you Nazi and persecute you as if you were in the war.

Just imagine one end of the nursing desk you hear "Shoot them all!!!" from a patient and the other end of the desk you hear in response "Where do you want me to begin?!?" from a staff personnel. Yeah we all laughed at that one. First one to be shot was herself.

"May your gods take care of you!" she said so kindly after fixing her up and upon my leaving her bed side she continues, "and send you right to hell!" with a cackle of course.

Now I have scenes of "Supernatural" going through my head. Yay.

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