Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Aw shucks!

Just to let you know when it comes to me I don't like to make big plans or fuss about my birthday. It never goes right even if I try not to. I am so happy just with people remembering and wishing me a happy one.

This year I poked fun at one who generally usually forgets birthdays about where my pansit was. That bit me in the butt real bad and a poor soul ended up getting caught half nude in the locker room this morning. Yeah got scolded for that while a patient sang happy birthday to me in the hallway.

One birthday I planned to invite a few friends out for dinner and went to school only to find out somehow they all called sick. They didn't know my birthday. Took that as a sign.

Wanted to go out for drinks with classmates and 9/11 happened and they had family or friends in New York so it got cancelled. Again a sign.

I could tell you others but it's a bummer. I don't really try hard anymore and will take anything that comes my way that I didn't have any major influence for. Safer that way and don't take it personally.

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