Monday, 1 September 2014

My Trip to Boston

Yeah I'm back! I have to say I have actually learned something on my trip to Boston. Let me do one of those fun bullet list!
  1.  I can make it to Boston on one tank of gas given that you don't get lost due to not dedicating someone as navigator before hand.
  2. Tunnels are cool except when you realize too late you missed all of downtown and all you have is a small tourist map to get you back on track. Boston.
  3. Eating seafood at a seaport does not mean they now how to do it. Thank heavens for plastic bags. Legal Seafood.
  4. Americans, even though they asked for your opinion, really can not take an honest opinion. It can have you being thrown out of a restaurant discreetly not accepting a penny. See above #3.
  5. I will always forget to pack something. Women have a this sub conscience way of making sure they will shop.
  6. Even though the sun is in your face you can still take a good picture.
  7. Screaming penguins and children make aquarium visits short and you will realize then you forgot to bring Tylenol. Shopping!
  8. Bus tours are awesome and you will never get a red light when you need one to take a great photo. They should make tours when you are in a rush and you hit every red light.
  9. You will not remember everything on a narrated bus tour. It's OK you can come back and do it again. The only thing I remember is that Leonard Nemoy is a Bostonian.
  10. Do not hold pee contest of "Who can hold it longer" when trying to run and catch a movie about scuba diving in 3D and HD sound. Longest. 40 minute Movie. Ever. IMax.
  11. Careful, some waiters are really watching you. I blushed so bad after realizing mine had noticed I inhaled the awesome baked potato soup. CheeseCake Factory
  12. Do not be hypnotized by "melted marshmallow" for you could be wishing you had rather ordered "Key Lime." CheeseCake Factory.
  13. Do not trust mall directory. They have the same one for all ends of the mall. "You are Here" is no help at all. Galleria in Cambridge.
  14. Do not wonder too hard of "How does one get to the high in the sky bridge?," for you will take a wrong turn and be dedicated to crossing it later on. Tobin Bridge.
  15. One can accidentally find a store they want to shop. Burlington Coat Factory.
  16. Sneaky, Just sneaky. Waiting for bridge toll to come in the mail. Tobin Bridge.
  17. Live music is wonderful and apparently drummers are not aware that they have shorts and underwear up their ass. Waxy O'Connells.
  18. House chardonnay makes people do weird things like put a pair of earrings into one piercing. True Story.
  19. I get it. American roads suck. Just because it say's "HWY 3 Exit" doesn't mean that if you miss it it will not come by again. In fact it will come another 3 times. I-93 looking for Outlet mall.
  20. When in doubt hand keys over to volunteered navigator and enjoy the scenery.

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