Saturday, 18 October 2014

I smell cheese!

Come to think of it not the best title to talk about an emergency department. I do though feel like a mouse in a maze at work and on the verge of coming up with a simple and cheap design to give all the nurses mouse ears for work.

We are under construction to make our department go from a 15 bed ER to a 23 bed. Problem is that walls come up and down without notice for the poor night people, me being one of them. I am in the dead end section now and find myself laughing now when one turns up say "Damn it! Wrong turn again!," "Where the hell do I get out of here?!?," to "I swear I had it right this time."

Seriously if I were to draw up a map of our department you would notice how we cut through patient rooms that used to be old exam rooms and the supply room is my cart now. Everyone comes to me if they can't find something to stock the other carts.

So if you find yourself in this department in my section and you thought in your drugged haze of a mind that a ghost just went by be assured it was most likely a nurse trying to take a shortcut through your room trying not to wake you up.

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