Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Live life.

Awww yeah Tequila!
Stop stressing and just do it. If you don't like it why keep doing it? Life is full of options and just need to grab it by the balls and run with it.

Get rid of the stress factor. Delete people from your FaceBook that are making you stop posting because you are afraid of people they know taking it the wrong way.

Distractions. So focused on something you cannot change and stressing you out? Go discover a new restaurant or take the metro to a new place and just walk around. Even just a drink at a bar with good music to ease the nerves. In just doing that you may come up with a solution.

It doesn't have to be eliminating the big stress cause we know those take a lot more time and effort. Get rid of the little things to help the bigger ones go away. The little ones count just as much as the big ones do. Tackle them one at a time.

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