Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Standards are still good aren't they?

I know I can uphold them!
Here is a snippet that often goes around in my head. Standards or morals or ethics or maybe a little of everything.

  1. No mixing business with pleasure. Too awkward and I truly believe in distance makes the heart grow fonder. Not in long distance just not eating, breathing, and stuck to the other person.
  2. Must be taller than me. Bonus points if taller than me with heels on.
  3. Be self sufficient. No more parasites. Everyone does their share not falling for that love and support is all one needs.
  4. Ambition. Drive not to be static in life.
  5. Great sex. Holy eff was I wrong about sex not being important. 16 years of meh...ouch.
  6. No scraps from friends or family. Moving on from circle of friends kind of thing. Besides who wants to feel like they are sleeping with their friend or family?
  7. Have sense of humour. And a sense for responsible as well.
There you go some plain simple standards. Not hard at all. I'm easy to make laugh just a wee bit on the tall side for a woman. Oh and I may take more than one drink/date before heading to anyone's place.

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