Monday, 16 April 2018

The Hook-Up

It's raining on vacay...yay.
So once again my winter vacation is drowned by freezing rain and am not encouraged to leave the apartment. At least this time I have salt and was able to get my garbage out.

So I am trying to find more than house keeping to keep me busy while the slippery sidewalks melt and I can eventually do something outside someday before I go back to work.

I fell into the dating "rabbit hole" and what goes on in this day and age. My main goal is to figure out what exactly is hookup. I was feeling very old and outdated on what is being used so readily in the dating scene.

It is not as bad as I thought it was. Back in my time we didn't need a term that describes the step that was normal for dating. Getting out and finding someone. Meeting someone at an event or place you enjoy is now done by apps and such by matching profiles.

That is the hook-up, a step that is now pretty much phased out. Now with dating apps and websites there is no need to go "hunting". It is all at your finger tips and hookup is just the step to go from looking at a screen to meeting the person for what ever may come along.

Maybe I won't be so harsh on the term in my profile now. Software slightly updated.

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