Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The Plan

Writing. Don't think I can
live without it.
I have so much energy lately and need a plan. Improvements and things to do are on it. I hope writing it down can help. You can skip this post all together.
  1. Go out more weather to meet someone or just to be out there. Nothing happens sitting at home on the computer or reading. Don't give that up just less of it.
  2. Stop with basing shopping on sales. It's gonna be hard but some how after an experiment I did you actually spend more with sales than just getting what you need even when they are a little more expensive. That was an eye opener. Mind you watching sales for large purchases still apply. You would swear at times I was preparing for the apocalypse!
  3. That one hobby and nothing else. Gave up all the yarn I had and even the tools. Next art store for proper tools. Makes it more fun.
  4. Studying an old new love. Ever have that gut feeling you should be doing something? Yeah I have that bug.
  5. Live one day at a time and everyone is human even if they drive you up the wall. Just remember you will get vacation sometime soon.
  6. Avoid boredom as it is your kryptonite! If anything sleep it off and start over again.
I have that dog and "Squirrel!"complex. Doesn't need to be shiny to catch my attention and distract me.

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