Monday, 26 March 2018

I swear it was simple

Looks simple right?
The 40s is not a crisis and here is example #76

The 40s is plainly a disaster. Forget crisis it's gone full on hun?!?

Talking about dating. Men are either happily married or falling apart and doing moronic things. Most want hook ups and cheat on their wives. Even a mother for their kid ew.

Yeah I then tell them how I am reluctant to do anything given that I see a lot of rotten dicks and last week a guy gave another guy a blow job and came to the ER cause right after the guy tells him he has HIV. You know the stuff that makes you think maybe one should just become a crazy cat lady.

Yes I haven't been with another guy for 20 years but damn I don't remember this crap before marriage. Then again I wasn't working in the ER either. Dating apps didn't exist and now discover I am missing the part where you get to know the guy a bit before seeing the raunchy side of them. I can do raunchy if I know the guy. Straight on raunchy is just a turn off.

20s and 30s do well, 50s and 60s have their things and us 40s? We are just a bunch of deaf, blind, and dumb people trying to make it to the other side. Single ones that is.

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