Thursday, 26 April 2018

You never know!

Say cheese?
In the age of selfies I am going to be brave and say it is very over rated... in the dating world.

I hate my photos because I am not very well represented. I am quite white and there is no dimension to my photos. Then there is the lighting where I am too slim or too fat to be me.

Do I take advantage of the skinnier ones? Yes I do. Won't lie. Feel guilty? Somewhat.

The other thing is most of the photos I have come across on dating places seem to be fake, trying too hard, or just blah. I agree not easy to always have someone willing to capture you being you without being paid. Friends don't seem to be very helpful either.

Reading too much into this? Probably. Why write about this? Because if you rely a lot on photos you may miss out on meeting some really cool people. My latest discovery and now I try my best not to rely too much on photos.

Safety first though, best to have at least one photos showing who they are.

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