Friday, 18 May 2018

Not only me I hope!

Till fall my dear friend!
Ever have seasonal cravings? I mean the moment the weather changes there is no way you can eat that type of food till the next  season? I am thinking visceral reaction to the food if you see it once more before the season comes back.

I am not talking holiday meals. Those are self explanatory. They have a 2 week life span.

Look at it like this. 2 seasons to food cravings I believe are from May till October and then from October to April. October can over lap the kind of weather melds around there. Summer and cold cravings. Salad and soup seasons.

I can't eat another bowl of soup now. I know I will be eating it all I can when the weather gets cold again but why is it so damn dramatic? It feels like I will never eat another bowl of soup ever! Now I just want my steak spinach salad to which I was so sick of when the temperature got cold.

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